(and how we plan to keep it that way)

“Superior” | Brian Ferriby, Artist

UPDATE: to help the Art Park over the upcoming year, please consider a recurring monthly gift of $5 — the park is open and available to all, every single day of the year.

Like so many of you, all of us at Michigan Legacy Art Park are concerned about the coronavirus health crisis taking place around the world. We understand it has hit home here in Northern Michigan.

But we also want you to know that the Art Park is a safe place to visit — and may even offer our community some much-needed distraction and relief right now.

Over 30 Poetry Stones in the Art Park

One of the best things about our 30 acres of outdoor wilderness and our miles of hiking trails is that you won’t encounter crowds. It’s not uncommon to wander through our forest and never see more than a few other people, or none at all. Our park is designed to give you and your family peace and quiet, with multiple trails and routes that you can select yourself. #SocialDistancing is already built into our plans.

Our free parking lot is outdoors, and there is no check-in or building to pass through before you start your adventure.

“Five Needles” | Michael McGillis, Artist

Health experts have advised that it’s very unlikely for the coronavirus to survive outdoors, or on any surfaces exposed to weather, wind, and sunshine over time. Even so, the Art Park has no doorknobs, handrails, buttons or shared surfaces you have to touch during your visit.

As a courtesy and precaution, we’re now providing hand sanitizer dispensers at our trailhead and in our portable restrooms for extra safety. In addition, we’re disinfecting our picnic tables, benches and common areas weekly, and also increasing the frequency of trash removal.

Open Every Day of the Year

We also want you to know we’re temporarily eliminating our paper trail guides and other printed materials. Now when you arrive, just send an email to explore@michlegacyartpark.org and you’ll instantly receive a response with links to digital maps and overviews of our 50 works of sculpture.

Art Benches at the Trailhead

The Art Park welcomes visitors (and dogs!) of all ages, every day of the year from dawn to dusk. We hope you’ll visit us soon and often to experience the beauty, mindfulness and calm that’s unique to this special place. As we all work together to face the coronavirus challenges, you can count on us to prioritize your safety at the same time that we continue to offer inspiring experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

If you have any questions at all about touring the park, current conditions, or our response efforts — please reach out anytime by calling our offices at (231) 378–4963

Joseph Beyer, Executive Director

Where Art, Nature and History Meet

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