Artist Kara James’ Work-on-Loan Installed at the Art Park Trailhead

“Handmade Revolution” by artist Kara James, now on display at Michigan Legacy Art Park

Kara James

““The significance of the artist’s hand and its evidence in the creation of Art has been a ‘hot-button’ topic in artistic debate for nearly two centuries. The Arts and Crafts Movement was born as a rebellion against the Industrial Revolution. Walter Benjamin’s 1935 treatise “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” distilled the countervailing thoughts about mass production and consumption of Culture. These ideas find their fullest expression in the The Factory of Andy Warhol, as well as the working methods of contemporary artists such as Jeff Koons. This spirited debate continues, and has influenced some of the most significant cultural artifacts produced in our times. To some artists working in the new millennium, the pendulum has swung again towards the idea that the artist’s hand is integral in the creation of meaningful Art. Kara James’ sculpture is a celebratory embodiment of that notion.” said Art Park Conservator Brian Ferriby, who curated the invitational.
“Handmade Revolution” by artist Kara James, now on display at Michigan Legacy Art Park

James is from Michigan, graduated from the School of The Art Institute and represented by Chicago Sculptors International. She makes abstracted figurative narratives in public and private scale focusing on longevity in wood, stone, metals, message, and in public consumption and digestion.

Art Park Note: is one of five new works from five “Downstate” Michigan artists that will be installed over the next year as part of an invitational show curated by the park’s Conservator, Brian Ferriby. The project is supported by the new Charles McGee Art Fund, designed to bring new and emerging voices to northern Michigan. The park is open every day of the year, from dawn to dusk. Suggested admission is $5 for adults, and children are always free.

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